All you need to know, and more
What is the difference between the original Stoneline and other "Stone" cookware?

Stoneline is the original stone particle non-stick surface designed in Germany and sold in over 70 countries around the world.  There are many products on the market claiming to be “Stone” cookware, but some of these are actually ceramic and may not contain stone at all. Although these pans have been made to look exactly like the original Stoneline, they are not do not be fooled by imitations.  The Original Stoneline contains actual stone particles in the surface and this has been independently verified.

We here at Stoneline Canada offer an extensive range of Stoneline Cookware from individual pans, roasters, griddles and woks all the way through to complete cookware sets. We also have live demonstrations at Shows across Canada where you can see for yourself why Stoneline is so good. You can find more information on our website and tailor a cookware package to suit your needs at great prices. We also have website deals, subscriber updates, exclusive subscriber specials, plus email and phone support through our local Canadian office. BUT WAIT there is still the original Stoneline 5 Year Guarantee (only available for original Stoneline Cookware purchased from Stoneline Canada) where we stand behind the quality of our cookware.

What is Stoneline made of?

Material: Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Glass; 4 mm magnetised stainless steel plate base (ensures even heat distribution)

Reinforced Stone Coating: The Stoneline coating consists of very tiny particles of stones which make the surface extremely hard. In a complex process the stone particles are combined with the non-stick coating. The aesthetic-looking Stoneline coating has a very high durability, abrasion resistance and long-life due to the stone particles. Because the special Stoneline coating merges completely with the raw material, it is like cooking on hot stone.

The result of this complex process is the hardest non-stick coating ever created for cookware. The innovative Stoneline coating, with its special surface allows completely non-stick cooking.

Stoneline products are successfully abrasion tested to 40,000-50,000 abrasions. Most competitors only achieve 4,000-5,000 abrasions without getting worn. This is why your Stoneline pans will cook beautifully for many years and why we can offer a 5 year warranty.

Stoneline Cookware Base: Stainless Steel base plate (4 mm), which absorbs heat in an optimal way for best cooking results. Both the Stainless Steel base plate and Aluminum (base and sides) have extraordinary conductivity characteristics, which reduces the cooking-time and lowers cooking temperature, so that it is more energy efficient.

Do you need oil in cooking to keep foods from sticking?

Absolutely no oils or butter are needed during cooking. Stoneline Cookware produces the best steak or fish ever as it browns food and doesn’t broil them. You’ll get Restaurant quality steaks at home every time. The only oil needed in the pan is when you are seasoning it.

Do I need to “season” my pan?

Yes. The small amount of oil absorbs into the stone and aides in the non-stick process. Before you use your Stoneline pans for the 1st time, please clean with a soft sponge in warm soapy water. Allow the cookware to dry. Now season your COLD cookware by placing a few drops of HIGH TEMPERATURE oil (we recommend Rice Bran, Grape Seed, or Avocado oil – do not use Olive Oil) on a paper towel and spread over the interior cookware surface. Your Stoneline cookware is now ready to use!

What cooking surfaces can Stoneline be used on?

Stoneline works with all stovetop surfaces including; gas, electric, induction and ceramic. (Note: the Stoneline 35cm Oval Steak & Fish Pan is not suitable for induction due to the shape and design of the pan.)

How do I clean Stoneline? Can I put it in the dishwasher?

As with all non-stick cookware, we do not recommend putting Stoneline in the dishwasher because the heat and harsh detergents will damage your non-stick surface. Stoneline is so easy to clean we recommend hand washing with a nylon brush or “Scotchbrite” type cleaning pad (plastics types only), or simply wipe out with a paper towel. If you clean your Stoneline in the dishwasher or repeatedly clean with detergents please remember to re-season your Stoneline as detergents will remove the natural oil out of the stone.

What is the maximum heat temperature Stoneline pots/pans are safe for oven use?

All Stoneline Cookware with the black CPET handles are oven safe up to 180°C/350°F (160°C/320°F for convection ovens) including lids. Stoneline Cookware with metal handles and glass lids without CPET knobs are oven safe up to 240°C/450°F (220°C/425°F for convection ovens).

What are the handles made of?

A type of plastic resin called crystalline polyethylene terephthalate (CPET) that is designed to withstand heat up to 180°C/350°F. These handles are designed to stay cool when using Stoneline Cookware on stove tops. If you use a gas cooktop avoid exposing the handles to the flame or heat in excess of 180°C/350°F. If you place a pan in the oven to grill the top we recommend placing tinfoil over the handles to protect them.

Can I use metal tools?

No, the use of metal tools in your Stoneline Cookware will null and void the warranty. Metal tools and utensils will damage your Stoneline finish. It is best to use silicone, wood or similar tools and utensils for extended life and care of your cookware. We have Stoneline Utensils available that will go perfectly with your Stoneline Cookware

Can I cut in the pan?

It’s not recommended as the surface will suffer damage and this will null and void the warranty.  It is best to remove the item from the cookware and cut on a  proper cutting board, then return to the pan to complete cooking.

My pan is losing its non-stick feel. What do I do?

If you have put your cookware in the dishwasher, used detergents to clean your cookware, or you have used your cookware at very high temperatures you may feel the surface is losing its natural non-stick feeling. If so, time to re-season your pan. Give your cookware a good cleaning in hot soapy water to clean away any residues on the cookware. Once clean, dry and cold re-season the surface of the cookware. Simply wipe a few drops of HIGH TEMPERATURE oil (we recommend Rice Bran, Grape Seed, or Avocado oil – do not use Olive Oil) on the surface with a paper towel while cold. This small amount of oil absorbs into the natural stone and aides in the non-stick process.

What is the Stoneline 5 Year Warranty?

Stoneline guarantees the cookware to be free from defects in workmanship and material under normal household use and service for a period of 5 years. Further details and conditions of our warranty may be found on your purchase invoice..

Where is Stoneline Developed? Is it a new product?

Stoneline was invented and developed in Germany. Over 1.2 Million Stoneline cookware units have been sold in Europe, Australia and New Zealand and Canada.

Being a stone coating does this mean the pots & pans are very heavy?

No, Stoneline has a very unique coating which allows it to be super tough and durable but consequently not heavy in weight! Elderly etc. who have trouble lifting can use our products as they are only slightly heavier than normal cookware.

I am a Vegetarian would these products be suitable for just cooking veggies?

Absolutely, all of our products are suitable for all types of cooking, it is extremely versatile. Because you don’t need butter or oil the food you are cooking cooks in its natural juices and flavours, it just makes food taste better!

There are small round circles at the base of all of my pots and pans, what are these for?

Stoneline Cookware has a unique magnetic bottom which allows for induction cooking. The small circles are designed to circulate the heat evenly through the pan to avoid hot spots and burning in certain areas of your pan. Because the base conducts heat so well, it is recommended that you do not turn your heat up any higher than med-high.

Can I purchase product online?

Yes you can!

You say completely non-stick cooking?

The coating used in our cookware is extremely high quality and it is engineered and designed in such a way that with most cooking you do not need to use oil, butter or other aids. Stoneline simply means stone coating which has been proven by our Customers response to be the best surface most people have used in the non-stick market. This is especially true when you can now cook restaurant quality steaks, chicken or fish at home; first time and every time.

I only want to buy a smaller pan rather than the 28cm gourmet pan, is this possible?

Yes, new products are always available. You can pick and choose single pieces or sets to suit your needs. Stoneline makes a great present so any piece you aren’t using will be greatly appreciated by family or friends!

Do you attend shows and events where I can see the cookware in action?

Yes we do, we try to attend most major shows within Canada. You can see us at shows or buy online anytime at www.stonelineshop.ca . You can also call us anytime to find out where we will be next by calling toll free 1-877-387-7770 ext. 221.

I have purchased online, how long can I expect for delivery?
We aim to have orders processed as quickly as possible. Delivery is usually in less than 14 business days once payment is received. One of our staff members will contact you should there be potential delays.