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Why Stoneline® Cookware?

Stone-age era hunters originally made fire underneath stones to roast their food. Only now have people realized the unique health benefits of cooking on hot stone. With Stoneline® now you can experience this amazing and healthy taste sensation by using Stoneline® pots and pans.

What is the advantage of cooking with Stoneline® products?

Stoneline® means healthy fat free frying and roasting. It is a healthy vitamin gentle way to cook, just like cooking on natural hot stone. Cooking with Stoneline® results in the best possible healthy results that provides enticing aromas, wonderful taste and lower caloric intake. The healthy difference to the traditional hot stone cooking is that Stoneline® allows you to cook in a shorter time, due to its unique induction base, and the Stoneline® surface is completely non-stick so no fat is needed.

Stoneline® Cookware comes with a 5 year guarantee and is one of the most robust non-stick cookware lines available on the market! Stoneline® is fantastic for gourmets and foodies and home cooks alike. Stoneline® cooking will impress with quality results and the perfect steak every time! The evolution in non-stick coatings on pots and pans turns into healthy results that you can see. The Stoneline® coating consists of very tiny particles of stone powder which make the surface very hard. In a very complex process those are made into the unique non-stick coating.

The coating illuminates every pot and pan giving it a certain kind of individuality. The aesthetic-looking Stoneline® coating offers a very high durability, abrasion resistance and long-life performance under normal use and conditions. You can taste the difference; like cooking on a natural hot stone. The result of this process is the hardest non-stick coating since the beginning of the Swiss Alps much healthier than that of other classic non-stick cookware as it contains no PFOA’s.

Stoneline® Cookware uses a 4mm magnetised stainless steel base, which absorbs the heat in an optimal way for the best cooking results. It also has extraordinary conductivity characteristics, which reduces the cooking-time, so that it is more energy efficient. You will use less energy to heat up the cookware as the burner only needs to be set to medium high for maximum heat distribution.

The innovative Stoneline® coating, with its special surface allows completely non-scouring, hardened non-stick surface for easy cooking. Clean up is a breeze with the non-stick surface, simply wipe out with a paper towel or clean with hot soapy water.

The lid fits perfectly, so that the nutrients, the moisture and the heat cannot escape. The streamlined Bakelite handles offer a comfortable hold and stay cool every time. The handles can also be used in the oven up to 180° degrees Celsius, 350° Fahrenheit.

This is it, the next evolution of cookware, the most amazing and unique cookware solution ever produced! Get your own Stoneline® Cookware today and enjoy the Stoneline® fat free cooking experience.